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Important support that doesn't cost you a cent.  

You can obtain at no cost, a VISA credit card that donations a portion of your expenditures to LWOB. Every time you use your LWOB branded credit card to make a purchase and the person at the register, to whom you present the card, kindly asks...Lawyers Without Borders...is that like Doctors Without Borders?  "Yes, in a way it is"  we answer--While we have no affiliation whatsoever with the wonderful doctors' group, LWOB is all about lawyers donating their time and services to make a difference in the world. To make it better, for you, me, everyone.

You can make a difference at LWOB every day without clicking on that Donate Now Button by applying  for  the LWOB VISA credit card.  LWOB receives $50 with each approved application (upon first use of the card) and a percentage of all purchases to the card.

But, what we didn't realize is how using an LWOB credit card can reach people you encounter in everyday life. You can "spread the word" about LWOB and how we are trying to make a difference around the world. Letting people know who we are and what we do, well, that's half the job.  Presenting your LWOB branded credit card makes that happen.

Click on:  Apply  for the Lawyers Without Borders Platinum┬« Visa Rewards Card.

Consider this: Each $50 paid by VISA to LWOB can pay for any of the following:

  • Two NITA trial advocacy text books for lawyers in developing nations
  • 5 Mediation Texts "Getting to Yes" in Spanish
  • Printing costs for 100 citizen graphic novels teaching to human trafficking issues
  • Two custom produced RECORD IT educational games for lawyers teaching young women in east Africa
  • 100 Laminated Rapid Reference Cards, a learning aid to teach essentials of new laws

Start making a difference today, Apply now. Applications for the credit card can be obtained by pasting this link into your browser if you are not directed to the site by clicking on "Apply" above:

CardPartner has joined forces with UMB to enhance the standard Visa Platinum benefits package and include:

  • No annual fee
  • Low introductory rate and low contract rate
  • Rewards Points from hundreds of online and neighborhood retailers
  • Bonus Rewards Points at select merchants
  • Unparalleled Merchandise, Travel and Event Rewards
  • Complimentary year-end report
  • No balance transfer fees for 6 months
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Emergency cash disbursement & card replacement
  • Zero Liability Protection
  • Emergency Assistance Services
  • Warranty Manager Service
  • Online Banking
  • Auto Rental and Travel Accident Insurance