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iPAD...Please consider donating your iPad2 or higher to LWOB for Trial Advocacy Trainings
The Need: Six (6) iPad 2s
LWOB is seeking new or gently used iPad 3s or above.  iPads signficantly reduce the transport issues in our large trainings where up to 5-10 laptops are needed for replay of trainee witness examinations and one-on-one critiques.  We have found that with a simple adapter, the iPad is more portable, can be dual purposed to record and play back. They are considerably easier to transport in carry-on baggage. The recent theft of 5 LWOB  iPads from a checked bag at an airport in Africa, stresses the importance of being able to keep critical technology in carry-on bags. 

If you have a new or gently used iPad that you would like to donate,  please consider simply putting it in the mail to LWOB.  Unfortunately, our research indicates that the iPad 1 does not have the integrated functionality to play back the video from an SD card.  While we are pleased to take donations of the iPad 1--it can not be purposed to meet this specific and pressing need.

You may mail or ship your donation to:  Lawyers Without Borders, Suite 105, 59 Elm Street, New Haven CT 06510.  If you wish to use FedEx, please contact us and we will provide you with our FedEx account billing number.  Contact info@lwob.org with any questions you may have. Please remember to include your contact information so we can properly acknowledge receipt of your donation. 

As you might imagine, the iPad has become a critical component in our training. Not only are we able to connect our experienced trainers with face-to-face interaction via FaceTime--the iPad has proven to be a versatile piece of technology that significantly improves our ability to delivery high quality training in a live training environment.