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LWOB WORKSHOP 2013 Feedback from around the world
2014 Program in Planning Stages

LWOB hosted a UN approved workshop addressing Gender Violence at the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 57) in March 2013. The 2013 workshop was conducted in collaboration with law and graduate students from Yale Law School working alongside a team of LWOB in-house lawyers and staff. The workshop involved the roll out of a customized interactive exercise created specifically for this program that followed a young woman experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.  The participants followed a 5-6 segment exercise which took them through various junctures at which the young woman was faced with a choice. The "game" was intended to illustrate the positive and negative aspects of her choices and highlight the points at which lawyers and the law can intervene or be a resource to aid potential victims of gender violence. The response to the workshop was lively and enthusiastic. Attendance was standing room only, with approximately 100 attendees. 

In the months that followed the program LWOB received several expressions of interest in our materials from this and other CSW programs conducted by LWOB at the UN. We were advised that our materials were cutting edge, educational, yet "entertaining" and were viewed by those in the development sector as one-of-a-kind. Conversations with partners on production of customized materials for their rule of law programming is ongoing. 

For additional information, please e-mail csw@lwob.org and put "2013 UN Workshop" in the subject line.

Planning is well underway for LWOB's 2014 workshop which is expected to be conducted by LWOB in collaboration with a team of lawyers from Gibson Dunn.  More information to follow.