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LWOB UNITED NATIONS WORKSHOP 2014  - Human Trafficking
2015 Program in Planning Stages

LWOB hosted a UN approved workshop that launched LWOB's newest educational activity, a board "game" entitled: FIND ME! at the 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 57) in March 2014. The 2014 workshop was conducted in collaboration with lawyers from the New York and California offices of Gibson Dunn.   

The workshop involved the roll out of a customized activity that featured an exploration and testing of the basics of human trafficking in an effort to identify the destination locale, origin and type of exploitation involved in the quest to "find" the victim.   The participants played the game as one person, using the audience polling system to answer a series of questions the correct answers to which aided them as they traveled around the world in search of the victim. 

The "game"  illustrates the keys to understanding human trafficking including indicators, laws and best practices.  The response to the workshop was lively and enthusiastic. Attendance filled the Church Center Chapel at the United Nations with well over 100 attendees. 

In the weeks that have followed the program LWOB has received several requests for a "home made" prototype of the game and in April received  a grant award from The Doolittle Foundation to develop a professionally produced prototype for mass production.  LWOB's newly developed human trafficking materials will find their way immediately into its ongoing human trafficking programming in Africa.    

For additional information, please e-mail csw@lwob.org and put "FIND ME" in the subject line.

Planning is already in the early stages for LWOB's 2015 workshop which is expected to be conducted in a follow up collaboration again with lawyers from Gibson Dunn.  More information to follow.