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Experienced Lawyer Volunteers

Notice for Lawyers Interested in long or short term
Volunteer (self-funded) Volunteer Positions

Experienced lawyer/volunteers interested in a short term placement are advised as follows:

1) Always check the LWOB Job Board "Jobs" on Home page. This job board contains rule of law relevant jobs and volunteer positions. If you are interested in an LWOB position at the job board, please apply directly through the job board. 

2) For volunteer positions not posted on the job board please follow the following protocol:
In your initial contact with LWOB, please include with a detailed CV with full contact details, a letter that sets forth:
a) the basis for your interest in a field assignment
b) your international experience, either traveling or working in the field
c) What time frame you have in mind for an international field assignment, i.e., when you are available to depart
d) The duration of time you have available
c) special practice skills, language skills or other particularly relevant experience or skills
d) Include your skype name or Facetime contact information

Email this letter to: info@lwob.org and put "International Field Volunteer" in the subject line. 

Please note, that as a rule, most of our field work positions, with some minor exceptions, are better planned in real time, fairly close to departure. Rarely do we plan a short-term field assignment more than 90 days in advance. So, if you are interested in field work, you are best advised to contact us within 90 days of the time you are available to depart. Several of our projects are in the Africa region, where various immunizations are required at least 30 days in advance. If you have a long term interest in working with us in Africa, you should have all your immunizations as recommended by your physician in place. 

Please note, our headquarters have moved to New Haven Connecticut, USA, at the following address: 
Lawyers Without Borders
59 Elm Street
Suite 105
New Haven, CT 06510 USA
Telephone ++203-823-9397
Fax ++203-823-9438

All field assignments are handled through the USA offices. While we do have representatives in UK and Kenya, those offices are not staffed full time. 

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