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KENYA Summer  2014 - Modified Program Wraps Up 
 Kenya: 2014 Training Postponed - Concerns created by surge in violence

Lawyers Without Borders Eighth Annual (2014) Kenyan Trial Advocacy Program wrapped up with both lawyers and attendees completing the training of 50 judges without incident.  Slightly different from our larger programs in the past, the training program contained an entirely judicial training team who worked with 50 Kenyan Judges.   

The program featured LWOB signature  modules that addressed the impact of new laws and their implementation in the context of a trial in addition to the overall framework of the training which hones trial advocacy skills through a full mock trial. LWOB uses its own customized adaption of the NITA-style  "learning by doing" method.   Fifty percent of LWOB trainers have themselves been trained in the NITA method. Topics this year included advanced corruption, money laundering and terrorism.

In the interests of ensuring security, the program was scaled back this year, but expects to resume at full capacity next summer.  The goal of turning over responsibility for lawyer training to the Kenyan Judicial Training Institute and several in-country NGO's in year nine, with modest support from LWOB's pro bono international volunteer lawyers is well underway.